Do we know the Facts about Plastic?

… the shocking reality! 

Until almost 3 years ago I knew nothing about plastic waste, the shocking facts and the threat to our health from plastic. In 2019 I only realized the disastrous consequences of plastic if we don’t take responsibility NOW!
Until 3 years ago I threw away a lot of plastic waste, formerly in the collective waste, later in the separated waste, but I was never aware that even the separated waste was not a solution. Only in 2019 did I realize that recycling means mainly selling rubbish to the cheapest buyers. In other words, our plastic waste mountain was exported to China until 2018, but since 2018 China has stopped this trade. There are now other Asian countries to take over our plastic supplies, but we are only shifting a problem with this! After all, we all live and live on this one planet, don’t we?
• Let’s take a look at the numbers and the facts:
• Every year 400 million tons of new plastic are produced worldwide
• 13 million kilograms of plastic waste are dumped into our oceans every year
• Only in Europe, 1.13 trillion products are packed in plastic every year
• With current plastic production, it is expected that by 2050 at least 12 billion tons of plastic waste will end up in landfills and in our nature
• Micro plastic enters our body in numerous ways every week (according to WWF we ingest about 5 grams of plastic every week, a dose of micro-plastic that is equal to the weight of a bank card

Until 2019 I always thought that there was no effective or efficient solution for all our plastic waste… until that one surprising phone call! Immediately I decided to participate in a proven sustainable project in which plastic waste is returned to the liquid gold ingredient from which it is made. In a year and a half, we were able to finance a project with three machines with our worldwide community. Only 1 machine is capable of converting 120,000 kilograms of plastic waste into 60,000 liters of clean environmentally friendly fuel (ABF) every month
A project will consist of 10 of these machines, so we are going to convert 1.2 million kilos of plastic into 600,000 liters of oil per month, per project!
How could we finance this? Simply by sharing and publicizing that there is an effective, efficient, environmentally solution to the global problem of trillions of kilos of plastic waste that is currently devastating and suffocating our world.
And when you consider that we have already achieved this with only 41,000 conscious and like-minded people in 42 different countries, you will understand that we are only at the beginning! Doing good for our planet feels great! Do you also want to be part of this sustainable and even profitable change?
Feel free to contact me if you’d like to help spread these facts by sharing on social media, marketing and whatever comes to your mind to strive for a better world. When we share this awareness, we come together to end the crisis: plastic waste that is looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.


Video-presentation about Amplivo and Corsair, for a better future!

Once one starts to know the reality, the dangers and the numbers, knowing that our policymakers don’t do much, it hurts! The plastic problem shows us the real facts, so I take responsibility now! It’s nice to know that you are part of the key to the solution with a proven mathematically calculated plan with an observable strategic implementation.
We duplicate these sustainable projects in various strategic places in the world. Not just in Thailand! In a not too long time Slovenia will be the 1st European country to also take its responsibility. The project in Slovenia will be a reality before the end of 2020!
Belgium, Ireland for Europe and Colombia in South America will follow in 2021.
Could you imagine?
• what we were already able to achieve with only 41,000 people
• what we can achieve if we can reach more people
• how we duplicate and multiply the projects much faster
• how much plastic waste we can get rid of this world
• how we can realize 10 projects within 2 years by working together
• that we will already be getting rid of 144 million kilos of plastic per year!

Facts beat conversations & Doing good never felt better!


Send me a message if you are passionate about being my right hand, because together we can do more than alone. And, if you are left-handed, you are welcome too!