13D Activation Weekend, Slovenia @ Tešnak, domačija doživetij
okt 25 @ 18:00 – okt 27 @ 17:00

Miracle Light 13D Awareness is meant to give you insights behind the veils of the present world, to the new world and the New Human. In the Dutch language written paperback* of John Jagadiël Breukels, with the same title you’ll find a message for mankind, with which we can undergo a loving transition to the higher dimensions. By creating a higher cosmic consciousness and the integration of inner peace and Oneness in ourselves, we are all co-creators of the new world that many of us so deeply long for. Sacred keys and light coding for the new Being in the new world are provided!

The 13-D Consciousness comes from various channels as described in the book, but ultimately all from the Universal Source, in which we are all co-creators. As soon as you start reading the book, you quickly notice that themes and developments are described that go far beyond the concept of human consciousness and understanding, which may even make it impossible to put all these information and codes into words.
*At this moment we’re bussy to translate te book from Dutch language, to English language, but before that, you are able to join already the 13D Activation weekend: We have noticed that many conscious souls like to receive and experience the light codes first, and to read the book afterwards.

Miracle Light 13D Weekend!

In order to share all 13 attunements, with you and many interested parties, many 13D weekends are planned. These weekends are a warm bath for one person, for the other a feeling of coming home at the source! We will work in a circle to pass on the attunements according to the universal laws of reciprocity, flow and Unity, or once as you have received these attunements, it must be passed on immediately.
Before you sign up for a Miracle Light 13D Weekend, we advise you to read the ‘Reactions of Participants’ first, because your earthly life will change drastically!
The program of a 13D weekend looks like this
Friday evening – We meet and greet at the location between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm
At 7:00 pm we start with Diamond alignments 1 to 3
• 1st: Healing of the Source
• 2nd: Consciousness of the Source
• 3rd: Program of the Soul
Saturday – from 10:00 am – 22:00 pm
We create the New Earth with the Diamond alignments 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9
• 4th: The Inner Wisdom (Creating of Unity)
• 5th: Connection & Vision, with extension of the Pineal Gland, Pituitary and Hypothalamus, for the Inner Visionary
• 6th: The Twin Ray … The Magdalene Crystal
• 7th: The 7 Creative Forces – connect with the 7 Elohim Rays (Cosmic rays)
• 8th: The Whales and Dolphins – receive the ocean of Love, Joy and Harmony
• 9th: The Kingdom of the Stars & Unicorns … the message of children of the New Age
Sunday – from 10:00 am till 17:00 pm
Join us in the New World; Diamond alignments 10, 11, 12 and 13
• 10th: Elohim 10, opening of “Yahweh” in the higher Heart (Find God in yourself)
• 11th: Divine Principle, the return of the Goddess: “Shekinah” to Yahweh in the higher heart chakra … the ultimate Love spark in yourself
• 12th: The Unity Activation … We travel tot he crystaline palace of Shambhala and return with the 12-pointed star of remembered Mastery
• 13th: Keys & Light codings in 13D consciousness – the sacred key fort he next step!
Depending on the final number of participants, the times may change slightly.
Are you ready? Sign up quickly for a 13D Weekend!
For the entire weekend, including the 13 activations (initiations), materials, facilities, travel costs, PLUS 2x OVERNIGHT (FULL PENSION) and of course the earthly concept of ‘time’, an exchange of energy of € 411.00 is requested.
EARLY-BIRD with 10% discount: until 15th of August you can register for the Early-Bird rate at € 369,90

We are in a beautiful and serene accommodation ,in Slovenia, where we can come together to share these magnificent 13D Sacred keys and Light Codes. We are in a beautiful and serene accommodation, Tešnak, domačija doživetij, in Slovenia, where we can come together to share these magnificent 13D Sacred keys and Light Codes.

If you want to join, or be informed more, just sent me an Email, or subscribe here…